Member Advocates

Advocates: Individualized Support

CEF pairs two  volunteers with all of our clients as their long-term Advocates.  Advocates work alongside our members to assist them towards:

  • Reaching individual goals
  • Obtaining or increasing  income
  • Moving into independent housing
  • Saving for significant assets
  • Connecting to community
  • And achieving financial stability

Together, advocates and members achieve successful transitions out of homelessness by building uniquely powerful and transformative relationships. Overwhelmingly, members cite the relationships formed with volunteers as even more critical to their success than savings and financial services. This relationship-based approach builds trust before building assets, and is the key ingredient to CEF’s work with marginalized communities.

CEF Member Amanda with her Advocate Audrey and her dog Paso!

Advocates work includes, but is not limited to:


CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

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