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About the Community Empowerment Fund
CEF is a non-profit organization operating in Durham and Orange Counties that is working to end the racial wealth gap by supporting people experiencing homelessness or financial insecurity. We work alongside approximately 250 volunteers and 1,100 members in their pursuit of employment, secure housing, and financial stability. We are valued by Members and partners for our ability to meet people where they are and walk alongside each individual to achieve personal goals, as well as our collaborative approach to address systemic racism and oppression which causes gaps in our local communities. We are passionate about sustaining transitions out of homelessness, and combine flexible relationship-based support with innovative matched savings accounts, referral networks, resource databases, and programs to support Members in achieving their long-term dreams. Learn more at

Open Positions:

Advocate (Durham or Chapel Hill)

Advocate (Chapel Hill and Durham)

Applications will open in Fall 2020. 

About becoming a CEF Advocate:

Thank you for your interest in the Community Empowerment Fund (CEF). CEF is a local nonprofit with offices in Durham and Chapel Hill that focuses on issues related to economic justice, housing insecurity, and homelessness. CEF partners volunteers (“Advocates”) with community members (“Members”) in working towards Members’ goals, such as gaining and sustaining jobs, housing, and savings. We strive to combat the exclusion of marginalized groups from mainstream financial services by providing people with accurate information and access to quality services via our Safe Savings Account and partnerships with local financial institutions. We work with Members to overcome barriers and support access to housing, employment, benefits, and financial security. CEF also works toward systems-level changes, guided by Members’ experiences navigating the complex social services landscapes of Durham and Orange County.

Our basic Advocate Training focuses on the larger issues that underlie day-to-day meetings in the office, such as the connections between racism, trauma, homelessness, and poverty. We review some specific financial coaching information and resources, but much of that is learned “on the job” while new advocates are shadowing experienced advocates in our office. CEF has developed an internal database that provides much of the information needed to support Members towards their goals. As a result, much of our basic training focuses on CEF’s philosophy and approach to our economic and housing justice work. We also offer continuing training to dive into deeper topics such as housing and credit building.

We are seeking volunteer Advocates who can commit to working with members over the long haul – before, during and well beyond their transitions out of housing insecurity. This often looks like committing to weekly meetings for two or more years. Background knowledge is not a requirement because CEF provides initial and continued trainings.

As an Advocates, you will be required to:

1. Hold at least two consistent office hours each week (same day and time)

2. Attend both required introductory trainings.

3. Attend 3 CEF In-Service Training sessions a year (which are continued skills trainings, offered on a variety of dates)

4. Commit to be a CEF Advocate for two years, at minimum.

Go to to get on the listserv for application announcements!

CEF is an equal opportunity employer, and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ applicants.

CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

Chapel Hill: 919-200-0233 Durham: 919-797-9233