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As a volunteer-based organization, CEF relies on the commitment and resources of our volunteers to provide all services. We always need more volunteers, which means it is never too late to get started. For more information, or to get involved, please complete the Form below!

What is a CEF Advocate

CEF Advocates work side by side with individuals struggling with underemployment and unemployment, saving for affordable housing, striving to start their own business, and sustainably working their way out of poverty.

As a CEF Member Advocate:

You’ll have the opportunity to work closely alongside one of our Members (homeless, unemployed, or underemployed individuals), helping to provide financial coaching and access to resources, as well as to build a supportive environment.

No experience necessary- CEF provides training to all new volunteers!

Interested? Just complete our Advocate Inquiry Form.

Beyond Advocate Training

Beyond CEF Advocate Training, there are really endless opportunities to get involved and help shape and grow the way we do things. Here are just a few of the many ways to get involved beyond being a CEF Advocate:

  • Savings Services Coordinator
  • Financial Education Coordinator
  • Resource Development Coordinator
  • CEF Latin@
  • Development Team

Financial Education Coordinator – Co-facilitate financial literacy and career readiness classes, assist low-income households to create saving and budgeting plans that lead to greater prosperity, and coach families in financial crisis.

Outreach Team – The Outreach Team plans and implements outreach strategies to potential volunteers, partners, and clients, working to convey the message of CEF through written and visual materials and person-to-person meetings.  Outreach fosters a sense of community within the CEF family as well, spearheading social events and encouraging regular interaction.  As the “face” of CEF, the Outreach Team serves the crucial function of engaging the community in our efforts.

Resource Development Committee – Working to connect CEF members with valuable resources, R&D performs the legwork to keep a comprehensive and up-to-date database of services available within our community.  The R&D team seeks to “fill the gaps” of services that CEF cannot provide, keeping tabs on the needs of our members and ensuring access to beneficial information beyond the CEF community.  Involvement in this committee is a great way to become familiar with the various local services and programs.

CEF Latino@ – CEF Latino/a works to extend CEF’s programs and benefits to the local Latino/a community, seeking to offer the same dynamic support while taking the unique interests of the community into account.  We offer small business and financial literacy education to  Spanish-speaking residents of Orange County. Proficient in Spanish? We need your help!

Development Team – The development team facilitates the growth of CEF by seeking the financial resources necessary to implement our programs.  Through both grant-writing and fundraising, development performs the invaluable task of maintaining the financial base upon which CEF can operate and expand. A great opportunity to learn how to write grants and fundraise!

If your interested in volunteering in any of these capacities please complete our Advocate Inquiry Form.

Other Questions? Please email us  at or call us at (919) 200-0233, and we’ll figure things out together.