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Matt Kauffmann

“CEF helped me find my place in the world. I’ve had the good fortune to leave CEF twice, first when I graduated from UNC and now as I leave the professional staff. Both times I’ve left with a truer understanding of the world, a deeper sense of my own passions and abilities, and a clearer vision for making the biggest impact I possibly can. CEF has exposed, challenged, and stretched me in ways that I cannot imagine happening anywhere else, so I give CEF a lot of credit. I’ll add that I would not have gotten into grad school were it not for CEF Opportunity Class!” — Matt Kauffmann

Matt started working with CEF as an Advocate while he was a student at UNC! After graduating he took on an AmeriCorps VISTA position at CEF as Advocate Program Coordinator from 2014-2016. During his time at CEF, he completely transformed the way the Advocate Program in Chapel Hill worked, formalizing and developing structures that deeply empowered students to take ownership of the program and consistently aspire towards excellence. He also laid the groundwork for our data-informed approach and creative fundraising efforts, and we will be forever thankful to him for seeking out and finding our new office space in Chapel Hill!


Carew’s Christmas Crew


‘Twas 2 days before Christmas, in his new home.
Mr. Carew worried he’d lose much that he owned.

His clothes, his books—furniture and more,
Were all with a storage company, closing its doors,

He worried then panicked, this problem was vast—
He’d lose all his possessions if he couldn’t get it out fast!  

We called Temple Baptist and UNC APPLES,
And reached out to friends from Duke Chapel,

A big team assembled to load the U-Haul!
Rev. Mofield and MK gave the rallying calls.

From storage to truck, from truck to apartment,
The volunteers emptied the whole storage compartment.

And then, in a twinkling, it was finished and done —
Many hands made light work, and they even had fun!

What wonderful folks, arms strong and hearts true,
Came out to move in dear Mr. Carew.

‘Twas a holiday miracle and a grand ballyhoo!
From the bottom of our hearts, we truly thank you!

**A special shoutout also to Snehan and Jake, the two Advocates who supported Mr. Carew in his housing search!


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