CEF Stories

CEF Staff Highlight: Sophia Thayer
A vibrant painting with a cloudy sky, orange sun radiating, and blue, pink, yellow, and black foreground. The words JOYFUL COMMUNITY are in blue in the sky. On the bottom right, the CEF logo and Annual Report 2022 are written in yellow.
CEF Annual Report Release. Please Join us for a spring celebration of the Community Empowerment Fund! Wednesday, May 24, 2023. 5:30 pm. Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden. 130 S. Estes Drive Chapel Hill, NC. Free. Image has a dark blue background and white text. There are pink, orange, yellow, and blue flowers along the left and right borders.
CEF Strategic Framework. Big Orange Circle with the words Building Joyful Community underneath. Inside the circle is a yellow triangle with the words Strong & Adaptable Organization underneath and three intertwining circles - two are the same size and one, on top, is slightly larger. The two that are the same size are navy and teal. The navy circles has the words Growing Through Partnerships next to it and the teal circles has the words Impactful Organizing & Advocacy. The larger circle is bright blue and says Responsive Member Services inside.
CEF Staff Highlight: Sydney Pender
A white woman with below shoulder length straight hair, dyed pink at the bottom sits in a car wearing a polka dot white and black shirt. She is not smiling or frowning and staring directly into the camera. One arm is visible. Her hand is making a loose fist against her collarbone.
CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

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