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The Orange Community Hub (aka OC Hub for short!) represents an opportunity for organizations and programs — nonprofit, private, and governmental — to combine forces towards a shared goal: improving the economic stability and well-being of low-resource Orange County families. Each partner organization brings their own unique strengths, and the OC Hub allows each agency to do what it does best and to collectively leverage those different areas of focus.


The OC Hub creates a space for a broad range of organizations and programs to come together and provide services in one shared location. The vision for the OC Hub is that in the same spot, even in the same visit, homeless and near-homeless individuals can apply for jobs, open a bank account, access mental health services, receive housing support, obtain legal representation, and more. It’s the Hub, meaning the central point, the core, the heart, the nerve center — the place where, if our community can come together around it, we will be able to say “Yes!” to meeting each person’s unique needs and goals through the wide array of programs connected to the OC Hub. The OC Hub is built to stitch together our community’s array of services in a way that erodes gaps and makes services easier to access.oc hub

What does it mean to share space as an organization?

Organizations have lots of options for joining the OC Hub. And a discounted trial period is available in some instances!

  • 5 private offices for lease if your organization wanted to lease one or more to have as your own satellite of full-time office.
  • If you are excited about coordinating services, but don’t need a full-time office, join as a Collaborator Member! Access fully furnished offices on a pre-scheduled basis every week and reserve additional space at the Hub whenever you need it! Benefit from streamlined referrals amongst all the OC Hub partners. Free trial periods available!
  • If you are excited about coordinating services, but it doesn’t meet your program’s goals to use space at the OC Hub every week, join as a Network Partner! Be in the OC Hub partner network and benefit from streamlined referrals, and just reserve space at the Hub when you need it. Free trial periods available!


In the summer of 2016, CEF expanded the OC Hub and the possibilities for partnership and co-location by moving into our current 3,000 square foot location on N. Columbia Street. Just as close to downtown as our pilot location on Rosemary Street, but now with double the space and a longer-term lease, we can’t wait to see what’s possible with the next stage of this new initiative!

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