Orange Community Hub

The Orange Community Hub at CEF in Chapel Hill seeks to better enable community members in Orange County to achieve self-sufficiency by bringing together a variety of services in an integrated service delivery approach.  Our model is a collaborative approach, bringing together private, public, and governmental resources to provide person-centered support in a one-stop environment.

Collaborators in the OC Hub have the opportunity to define the most impactful level of service integration based on each collaborator’s respective goals. On-site co-location of services through ad-hoc, regularly scheduled, or full-time access is available, with designated office space reserved for Hub Collaborators  OC-HUB Membership Options.

Through membership in the Hub, all collaborators benefit from:

  • Streamlined access to the wide service array in the Hub
  • Reduced need for duplication of services through greater interagency coordination
  • Leverage strengths and capacities of a variety of organizations by allowing each agency to provide their core services as complements to one another in an integrated manner
  • Greater outcomes for program members in income, housing, financial literacy, and health access by providing support for the whole person in a comfortable setting that reduces barriers

Location: The Hub is located on the ground floor of 208 N. Columbia Street in Chapel Hill. Conveniently located downtown on major transit routes with parking; private and shared office space available.

What does it mean to share space with an organization?

Organizations have lots of options for joining the OC Hub. And a discounted trial period is available in some instances!

  • If you are excited about coordinating services but don’t need a full-time office, join as a Collaborator Member! Access fully furnished offices on a pre-scheduled basis every week and reserve additional space at the Hub whenever you need it! Benefit from streamlined referrals amongst all the OC Hub partners.
  • If you are excited about coordinating services, but it doesn’t meet your program’s goals to use space at the OC Hub every week, join as a Network Partner! Be in the OC Hub partner network and benefit from streamlined referrals, and just reserve space at the Hub when you need it. Free trial periods available!

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Is your organization or agency interested? Not sure, but want to learn more? Contact us to learn more!

You can contact us at

CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

Chapel Hill: 919-200-0233 Durham: 919-797-9233