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Donate—Give the Gift of Individual Empowerment

The Community Empowerment Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, meaning that all of your donations to CEF are tax-deductible.



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Equashia is a mother, a skilled worker, a community leader, and a force to be reckoned with. She experienced homelessness in Chapel Hill for almost a year after fleeing an abusive husband in Tennessee. She was forced by her economic situation to leave her children with her husband. Since coming to Chapel Hill and joining the Community Empowerment Fund, Equashia has secured two jobs, her own apartment, and has saved thousands of dollars with CEF towards her family’s future.

Now Equashia can afford a home for herself and her children, who will be moving to Chapel Hill to live with her in 2012. She is the founding co-chair of CEF’s Alumni Association, a network of support provided for CEF program graduates by program graduates.

Mike is a grandfather, a teacher, a comedian, and speaks in parables and proverbs. He experienced homelessness for nine months, all the while remaining committed to his recovery from addiction. Mike moved into his own house a little over a year ago and has reconnected with his children and grandchildren for the first time in decades.

Now Mike works for CEF and teaches classes every Saturday morning to residents of the men’s shelter. Lessons cover job readiness, credit, budgeting, and more. Mike repeats often that his entire life has prepared him for this moment. His depth of experiences firsthand and his dedication to others has made his classes both popular and incredibly successful; 90% of his class graduates have gained employment!

Audrey is a junior Nursing student at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a joy to be around, endlessly optimistic, and always tells the quirkiest jokes. She joined CEF her first year at UNC and was paired as a Member Advocate with one of CEF’s first members. Audrey has worked with him to establish a barbershop out of his home to be able to provide for his five children.

Audrey has since helped CEF members connect to primary medical care. She accompanied homeless and unsheltered members to doctor’s appointments to ensure that they feel supported and encouraged throughout their visit.

Donate by Mail:

Mail checks to:
133 1/2 E. Franklin Street, Suite 105, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Please make checks payable to the Community Empowerment Fund.


Where does my donation go?

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As a volunteer-based organization, our operating costs are minimal. Your financial support will go directly towards matching CEF Member’s savings, building personal assets and facilitating sustained transitions out of homelessness and poverty. Donations help cover costs associated with our education programs, including printing, copying, coffee for classes, and graduation ceremonies. Your contribution will also provide stipends to program graduates to return to CEF as teachers, and pay key program staff to provide the consistent, one-on-one support our members deserve.

Host a Dinner Party

Give to CEF in the biggest way possible: by encouraging your friends to give. Host a gathering of your friends or colleagues for dinner, tea, dessert, caramels… anything, and invite them to come and learn more about CEF and to potentially make a donation to the organization. CEF members and volunteers will gladly attend, bring materials, and share personal experiences. We love this way of supporting CEF’s work because it is also such a great opportunity to spread awareness

This campaign is being coordinated by CEF’s Alumni Association — an organization led by CEF graduates, Equashia Mumeen and Thomas Owens. The Alumni Association and CEF volunteers will be here to support you all along the way as you plan your house party, designing invitations, preparing food, and anything we can do!

If you are interested, please contact Maggie at