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Advocate Training Activity

🗣️👂 CEF Advocate Leadership training in Chapel Hill had us all taking turns, being blindfolded and verbally coached through a maze of symbolic barriers that affect Members as they move towards their goals.

It’s so valuable to use this activity to reflect on what it means to work together with people in the community: How do we speak through different perspectives, identities, and experiences? How do we build shared understanding of the barriers that exist and co-create strategies to navigate through them? How can we work together to move or transform those barriers and shape a more equitable system?


Christina & Rudy

Christina and Rudy were homeless for three years, supporting each other for safety and survival while living in a tent and simultaneously making incredible strides towards stability. Through CEF and a church called Love Chapel Hill, Christina and Rudy found community and a supportive base from which to pursue employment and transition out of homelessness.

As of May of 2017, they have been off the streets and employed for two full years. Rudy shares, “I think the fact that I was in a house really established me in the workforce.” Christina adds, “I have a full-time job, and I love knowing that when I get off I can come home, sleep in a bed and actually have food that I like that I cook.”

And beautifully, Christina and Rudy just got married! At the ceremony, Rudy made his vows not only to Christina, but to her kids as well. They have amazing plans for their whole family. Rudy shares, “We both want to go back to college…get me a better job, get her some transportation, buy us a house, and then we can look into expanding our family.”

This story about Christina and Rudy was featured in CEF’s 2016 Annual Report!

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