CEF Laptop Savings Program

“There was an Advocate who came to me to work with me in the shelter to teach me how to use the computer and we made a connection. It’s amazing, I shared with him my life and he shared with me his life. I had skills that he didn’t have and he had skills that I didn’t have. What I like about the Advocates is the closeness that they develop with Members. You kinda feel the love that they love for what they’re doing.” — Ms. Lorraine

CEF Laptop Savings Program

In 2011, we launched the Laptop Savings Program with Kramden Institute with the goal of providing Members with a computer and the skills to use it.

To complete the program, Members work with their Advocate to complete two Financial Coaching sessions and four Laptop Skills sessions lessons.They save $100 in their Safe Savings Account and use it to purchase a discounted computer. Obtaining a laptop for only $100 is often an easily attainable 1st goal that Members can reach on their path towards larger goals like housing, vehicles and emergency funds! The classes cover the basics to help Members feel comfortable using their laptop:

  • Computer Basics

  • Making it Secure

  • Word Processing

  • Internet Basics

  • Sending & Receiving Email

  • Online Applications

Today, Members have saved for over 120 laptops through the program and are able to receive free or low-cost repairs and replacements if anything happens. Members like Mark use their laptop for a variety of purposes, everything from checking email and paying bills, to pursuing their education and applying for jobs.

“I tell everybody to get in it, you get a laptop with some service. For $100 you cannot beat that. They stand behind it, if something happens to it they’ll help you get it fixed.” —  Mark 
CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

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