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Safe Savings Accounts
Pursue Personal Savings Goals

CEF Safe Savings Accounts make saving easy. Through one-on-one budgeting and savings we work with you to set goals and stick to them. Whether you are saving for a housing deposit, a car, school tuition, or a rainy day, we’re here to keep you accountable to reaching the savings goal of your dreams. How?

  • A great incentive! Reach your CEF savings goal and receive a match of 10% on top of your achievements!
  • Set monthly savings benchmarks for yourself and make a personal plan
  • One-on-one financial coaching with trained CEF advocates
  • Safe and convenient direct deposit options

Safe Savings Accounts are a key tool for members transitioning into independent housing. While preparing to manage household finances, pay bills on time, and maintain peace of mind, Safe Savings Accounts help members save towards deposits and moving expenses and to set aside funds for a rainy day.

Laptop Savings Program


It’s getting harder to get by in today’s world without access to a personal computer and digital literacy. Whether applying for jobs,managing finances, or staying in touch with loved ones, a personal computer builds connections and possibilities. And one of the best ways to gain computer skills is by having a personal computer available for everyday practice.

By saving $130 with CEF, members can purchase affordable, refurbished laptop computers through our partner nonprofit, the Kramden Institute. Even better, just like our Safe Savings Accounts, we match this first savings achievement at 10%, putting $13 towards the member’s next savings goal!

Renter’s Savings IDA Program
Build an Emergency FundRainy Day Fund

This new program is being piloted with ten members currently in housing and ready to save for the long-term. Members save with the program over the course of two years, and all funds saved towards an emergency fund are matched at 50% (up to $1,000 in matching funds) and participants may draw on the matching contribution when the emergency occurs, meaning one emergency won’t wipe out all their hard-earned savings.

This additional rung on the financial ladder will enable CEF members who have successfully transitioned into housing to maintain that transition for years to come. Follow the progress of the program on the CEF blog, and look out for updates as we publish results and explore expanding the pilot.


Start to Save

To start saving with CEF or to learn more,
please contact us at (919) 200-0233 or

CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

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