Organizational Structure & Employee Benefits

CEF Organizational Structure

CEF is a unique and exciting place to work—in what we do alongside our community, why we do the work we do, and how we work together. Below, we’ve shared key elements of our organization’s structure and culture.

The Executive Director

CEF is led by an Executive Director. She facilitates collective visioning for organizational strategy, internal operations and communications, and serves as connectors both within the organization and with the broader community. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is accountable to the whole organization and to our local communities.

Staff Leadership Teams

CEF’s programmatic and operational work is carried forward by staff leadership teams that meet bi-weekly and are facilitated by a team leader. This collaborative structure creates connective hubs for our staff team to steward operations and develop programs across both of our offices. These include:

  • Member Services Leadership Team
  • Operations Leadership Team
  • Resources & Financial Coaching Leadership Team
  • Savings Leadership Team
  • Community & Advocacy Leadership Team
  • Chapel Hill (“Crew”) & Durham (“Posse”) Office Leadership Teams

CEF’s staff team, in turn, orchestrates and supports over 50 volunteer leaders to drive the organization’s operations and build capacity across a wide range of areas such as Member support, volunteer recruitment, Advocate training, Latinx member services, housing and employment resources, development, and financial management—just to name a few!

A Culture of Participatory Ownership

The CEF team is actively working together to create an understanding of leadership that arises out of our collective values: genuine collaboration, equity, transparency, trauma-informed care, commitment to one another and to the organization, and holistic person-centeredness. We affirm the practices of active listening, building mutually-supportive relationships, soliciting and sharing input, and continued growth and learning. We regularly engage in consensus-based decision-making, while simultaneously empowering each team member in our respective roles. We strive to actively build co-supportive spaces in which everyone is comfortable with leaning on and showing up for each other, and sharing healthful feedback to help each other better achieve our commitments and grow organizationally as well as personally. We hope to continue cultivating an organizational ecosystem in which leadership emerges adaptively when organizational challenges and opportunities arise.

CEF’s most precious resource is the compassionate and capable people who roll up their sleeves and work together to support our community in relational, creative, and practical ways. This includes our staff, Board, Advocates, Members, and supporters. Leadership at CEF is increasingly distributed across all of these groups in distinct ways, and we are working to increasingly foster the flourishing of powerfully-transformative leaders across our community.

CEF Employee Benefits

As we grow, CEF is striving to grow our employee benefits as well to support the health and well-being of our employees. Current benefits  for full-time employees include:

  • Healthcare stipend that allows staff to choose their own insurance plan and/or set up a Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Supplemental insurance benefits paid for by CEF, including short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance coverage

  • Voluntary supplemental benefits, including accident coverage, dental insurance, and life insurance.

  • Generous PTO and leave benefits, including:

    • 12 days of vacation leave

    • 12 days of holiday leave

    • 12 days of sick/wellness leave

    • Parental leave

    • Tenure-based sabbatical leave (under development)

  • Flexible, family-friendly work schedule, open to crafting work schedules outside of the traditional 8 hours per day and outside of traditional work locations.

CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

Chapel Hill: 919-200-0233 Durham: 919-797-9233