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Lend for America

The Community Empowerment Fund will be one of three nationwide host organizations for “Lend for America,” a new summer internship program for college students to start microfinance organizations in campus communities.

You’ll spend your summer at Lend for America working with real people, real businesses, and real money. You’ll get to meet entrepreneurs, review loans, and see how microenterprise works in the U.S. You’ll be working with people who’ve chosen careers with a conscience.

CEF and our initiative here in North Carolina was “selected for being leaders in the campus MFI movement.” We’re honored by the opportunity, and encourage any students from other campuses who are interested to apply for this 8-week summer internship program. Visit the Lend for America website for more information.
Thank you to our partners at the Campus Microfinance Alliance and Lend for America for making this internship available to students from across the country, and for advancing the field of microfinance in the U.S.

Thanks, Chapel Hill RBC Bank!

Jochen Schwarz, Chapel Hill RBC Branch Manager, presents a celebratory check to Maggie West (Coordinator), Amanda Abbott (CEF Member), and Audrey Boyles (Advocate Coordinator).

Thank you for your donation, RBC!

The RBC Bank in Chapel Hill has been a great supporter and strong partner for CEF’s work since the very beginning. From donating our first office space to hosting our initial savings program, the branch staff’s collaboration has been essential to our progress.

This holiday season, we’re glad to send the staff our gratitude — for this generous donation and their ongoing partnership! Happy holidays to all of the staff!


Equashia’s Powerful Story

Michelle Hanes, a student at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, produced and filmed a beautiful multimedia project featuring the story of Equashia Mumeen, a CEF member and co-chair of our Alumni Association.


View the project here: Equashia’s Story

Thank you, Equashia and Michelle for sharing this powerful story with all of us.

And a big thank you to Housing for New Hope for coordinating this initiative and sharing stories with our community.

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