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A Note of Thanks


John Miller recently came into our office to work on his resume, cover letter and job-searching with us. He sent us a thank-you note after his visit that was just too good not to share! We are so grateful to have had John come in to the office and we hope to have a continuing relationship with him. Thanks for your kind words, John!




I know you felt that what you were doing was just a part of that
organization’s mission, but still I am very grateful for the
assistance. I could of course have gotten Services for the Blind to
help, and if I continue to require further aid I will solicit and make
use of their resources. But the bureaucracy would not have moved
quickly enough to respond to that immediate opportunity, and I don’t
really know if I would have gotten that kind of thorough vetting of my
resume from a team of people. I extend my thanks to all of the
individuals who contributed some form of suggestion as to how that
document could be enhanced, actually.
I have placed the resume and cover letter in the person’s box who
agreed to forward it on, and now I await the determination of whether
I can proceed with preparing to do this job. I will of course keep you
updated as to what happens.
Thanks again for the time and effort put into that. I really don’t
take it for granted.



Two Feature Stories

From Reese News, featuring CEF’s own Michael Wood:

“In the world of addiction, according to Michael Wood, you ‘recover, die or go to jail.’

“Wood battled a decades-long cocaine addiction before quitting at the age of 59.

“Watch a video of his story here.

Reese News published a news article, “Addiction: A cunning adversary,” profiling Michael Wood. Since recovering from his addiction, Mike has joined the staff at CEF and currently teaches weekly job readiness and financial education classes, and provides ongoing peer support to individuals recovering from homelessness, economic crisis, or addiction.

The Community Empowerment Fund is blessed to have Mike on our team. Read more about the impact his leadership has had on CEF.

Thank you, Mike, for your continued commitment to helping others succeed, and the many ways in which you empower. And thanks to the folks at Reese News for covering this story!

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