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Little Pig Barnstorms UNC’s Campus


The courtyard in front of the UNC Campus Y was abuzz around lunchtime as students, staff, and visitors were delighted to discover an oinking four-legged visitor with a curlicue tail. “Darling,” as the unnamed piglet is affectionately called by her owner, elicited many yelps of excitement from passersby surprised by the decidedly out of place farm animal.

Chapel Hillians of all varieties stopped and knelt to pet “Darling,” and feed her grass and dried corn from her farm 30 miles down the road in Moncure, North Carolina while CEF Advocates passed them fliers and publicized this Friday’s Shag Dance fundraiser, the Piggy Bank Bash.

“Darling” is the perfect mascot for the Piggy Bank Bash. She became more social and friendly throughout the day as she realized that her adoring fans were there to provide sustenance and attention. At CEF, we know that financial independence is incumbent upon a well-“fed” piggy bank that gets lots of attention. Similarly, as an organization, we rely upon the offerings of friends and partners to continue operating.

We hope that you’ll slap on your overalls and slip into your dancing shoes on Friday for the sake of the piggy bank. A night full of dancing, food, friends, and fun is a Darling way to help nourish CEF and help us spread the word about the virtue of piggy banks to the Durham/Chapel Hill communities.

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