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Piggy Bank Bash a Smash Hit


The doors of the historic Murphey School yawned on a ballroom full of tables decorated with pink tablecloths and adorned with ceramic piggies. The tables themselves were set off to the sides as the beautiful wooden floor awaited a workout. Guests trickled in and before shag instructor Don Bunn began calling out steps and counts on Friday night, the crowd had swelled. Two rows of face to face couples filled the room, and clumsily figured out the frustrating footwork. As soon as folks had nailed down the basic one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two, Don threw in a spin that had everyone disoriented and maybe a little dizzy.


Even though some were perhaps more light on their feet than others, spirits were high all night. The shag dancing gave way to an assortment of modern moves as DJ Butta Brown exchanged beach music for pop and hip hop hits.


The brief interlude for remarks from staff members and alumni halfway through the night had everyone drawn close and enjoying that tangible familiarity that is so common in CEF relationships. Alumni recounted with gratitude the part CEF had played in their story, and the fondness with which they regard their Advocates and the larger organization. Staff also used the Bash as a moment to celebrate the fact that Members have now saved more than $500,000 in their Safe Savings Accounts.


All told, about eighty people attended the Piggy Bank Bash and helped us raise $4,000 to grow our programs and continue working alongside Members in Chapel Hill and Durham. A huge and hearty thanks to all of those who came or supported the event if they weren’t able to come!


Special thanks to Jay Miller for hosting us at the Murphey School; CEF board members, Advocates, Members, and Holly West for their help in organizing and planning the event; Bandido’s, Cholanad, Vimala’s, Med Deli, and Hillsborough Wine Company for catering delicious food and refreshments; Balloons and Tunes for the decorations; and, last but certainly not least, DJ Butta Brown for the spectacular music that kept us all moving!

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