Member Story: Dawn

Dawn was the first CEF member to successfully file her taxes with CEF in 2011 and save her refund towards her goal. Her first goal was to save to move out of the shelter; she reached that goal, and moved into her own apartment last year. Dawn is well on the way to her second goal and now making consistent progress using direct-deposit, but believes “saving during tax season can really take my account to the next level… and fast!”

Dawn recommends, “It’s always beneficial to have something saved up. Spending every penny, you can never get ahead. By saving my refund last year, when I really needed money and was in a crunch throughout the year, I had something I could fall back on.”

Dawn graduated from CEF’s Opportunity Class in June of 2011. She says, “I joined the class because I wanted to be more financially stable… Since the class, I see how I can be more financially independent. I can seethat it’s obtainable. Instead of always being in panic mode, like I have been for years, I’m a little more relaxed. It’s much better to be secure than on panic all the time.”

“I am most proud that I have my own place now. I am truly proud that I am actually heading in the right direction; I’m becoming satisfied with life, and meeting life on life’s terms.” Dawn added that the bonus 10% match she is awarded by CEF when she reaches her savings goals has been a great incentive to keep saving, despite the challenge of saving on a very limited budget.

The moral of the story from Dawn: “Save money, any way you can! [laughing]… As long as it’s legal :)

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