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Thank You!

I keep a journal of moments, just jotting down at the end of the day a moment to remember – usually one that sits on my heart, whether in joy or grief. All kinds of moments make it into my journal, because all kinds of moments make up our daily lives at CEF. To say thank you for your commitment to CEF, I’ll share a few of these moments with you…

There are moments at CEF that break my soul wide open, like when Alicia shares the anxiety and sadness weighing on her. She got behind on bills while on medical leave and her power is turned off so she and her family of 6 cannot live there – including for her son’s graduation.

There are moments that humble, like when Robert asks for help getting a sleeping bag, not for himself, but for one of the 8 other homeless individuals he is now helping to shelter in his camp in the woods.

There are moments that motivate, like when Carl finally finds a full-time job. He came to our office every day for months to submit applications with advocates, and at last an employer doesn’t judge him for his misdemeanor conviction 25 years ago.

There are moments that awe, like when Paige becomes a first-time homeowner after saving out of every single paycheck. She worked with advocates and reached her goal right on schedule!

There are moments that simultaneously embolden and despair, like when Greg is turned down by yet another landlord unwilling to take a chance on him so he can move off these streets. His past continually occludes his future.

And then there are moments that bring tears silently streaming, like when I overhear a conversation between three CEF members in our lobby talking about how they all pray for CEF and all the people here every single day.

We never know the moments that matter. But we do know this matters to our Members: CEF Advocates are not only there for a moment, but for the long haul.

Will you take a moment and give to CEF? It matters. 

With gratitude,

 Maggie West

Maggie West


This Year at CEF By the Numbers:

1,033 Members, 239 Advocates

$197,852 Saved Towards Goals in
185 CEF Savings Accounts

155 Members Gained Employment

105 Members Gained Housing


CEF Receives GSK Impact Award!

The Triangle Community Foundation and GSK honored CEF and 9 other amazing Triangle nonprofits at the GSK Impact Awards last week! The CEF Advocacy Choir performed “Smile” to open the ceremonies and CEF Staff Member, Yvette Matthews, received the award on behalf of all of CEF.
The award comes with $40,000 to deepen CEF’s work in Orange and Durham Counties, working together with communities to transform financial and housing opportunities!  CEF was recognized for our innovative work in “making homes and neighborhoods safer, connecting families to support services, and preparing people of all ages for successful careers – all important factors to improve health outcomes in underserved neighborhoods.”

2016 Annual Holiday Parties! Dates Announced

You’re Invited: 7th Annual Holiday Parties in both Durham and Chapel Hill.

Who: All members of the CEF (extended) family — members, advocates, family, friends, supporters, fans, partners, and neighbors

Rides Available: Chapel Hill, call (919) 200-0233; Durham, call (919) 797-9233

Saturday, December 3rd from 5pm – 8pm
Chapel of the Cross, 304 E. Franklin Street

Tuesday, December 6th from 5pm – 8pm
Self-Help Credit Union Temple Building, 302 W. Main Street

CEF: Community Empowerment Fund

Chapel Hill: 919-200-0233 Durham: 919-797-9233