"A Lifeline to Financial Freedom"

The following beautiful letter was recently submitted by our dear and beloved CEF member, Ms. Aneice McClary. Aneice has been a joy to get to know through the savings program and is making incredible progress towards her goals. Aneice, thank you for inspiring all of us!

“The Community Empowerment Fund is a lifeline to financial freedom. I believe as my Pastor says, “When you know better- you will do better.” CEF’s definitive goal is to equip you with enough knowledge & resources to sufficiently aid in all efforts to create success/ security.

“Knowledge is indeed power. CEF has assisted in my empowerment beyond measure. My American dream is to epitomize the essence of self-sustainment. But I had to learn how. My very first lesson was to abandon my naïve notions regarding my debt, (ignoring them). Next it was necessary to dismantle my method of approach in dealings with my creditors (hiding from them). Finally, I simply had to mature. Through CEF, an eager sense of responsibility-accountability rose up within me—which prompted me into action. Hence, my ultimate race for the cure!

“I began my beloved financial “therapy” with CEF back in Mid-MAY of 2011. I continue to value our weekly classes. Each training course has become a catalyst for me to become efficiently sustained within the near future. Topics/ education on credit building/ re-building, budgeting, creditor negotiations, tracking cash expenses, pros & cons of credit card usages, pros & cons as consumers of banks & credit unions, debt ratios, overall financial planning that benefits our tomorrow- as in the importance of saving, (i.e. Savings Circle). Each class takes you one step closer to the realistic goal of debt relief and abounding financial health. Yet such a triumph could not occur without the assistance of the CEF staff & associates.

“The faces of CEF are remarkably dedicated to the individual client and their adjoining purpose. It is apparent within every interaction; their greatest concern is our success. I entered the program feeling helpless-believing my only viable solution toward debt relief would be to file bankruptcy. CEF gave me an alternate perspective; along with a second chance to clean up what was once defiled-my good name. For this I am forever grateful. Thanks CEF!”

*Sincerely submitted by:

Aneice McClary

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