CEF / Homeless Switch for an Hour

By Amanda Abbott

div id=”attachment_2408″ class=”wp-caption aligncenter” style=”width: 179px”>CEF client Amanda Abbott hard at work in the CEF office

CEF client Amanda Abbott hard at work in the CEF office


Okay, so the idea for the CEF/ Homeless switch for an hour was completely mine. I know that CEF helps a lot of homeless people and it occurred to me that none of us really know how or what it’s like to be in the other’s shoes. So, how could we help each other? Well, very simply…. We switch places for an hour. Now I know what you’re thinking. How could anyone learn something this real in an hour? Well I will tell you that I was very glad to have my life back.

I was a CEF member for the hour and I found that it was a headache the whole time. I was trying to help people find shelter and for every door that hit me in the face I was frustrated. I mean the thought that these people would be out on the streets and I was trying but not getting anywhere was the worst feeling in the world. I had to wonder is this what the real CEF staff feels like when they are working with us? I learned that just because we have a lot of good times and laugh a lot the CEF staff really does care and are here to help us in any way possible. I am not saying that I doubted that they were trying to help, but in the back of my mind I did not trust. So, many people come out and say that they are helping people and then don’t. But CEF is real and hard working. This is my experience with Freaky Wednesday.

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