CEF in the Summer!

We Need Advocates this Summer:  Sign up here! 

CEF Advocates work side by side with individuals struggling with underemployment and unemployment, saving for affordable housing, and sustainably working their way out of poverty.

As a CEF Member Advocate:

You’ll have the opportunity to work closely alongside one of our Members (homeless, unemployed, or underemployed individuals), helping to provide financial support and access to resources, as well as to build a supportive environment.

No experience necessary- we will provide training to all new volunteers!

Ready to get involved? Sign up HERE!

Member Advocates will:

  • Believe In Possibilities
  • Budgeting
  • Resume Building
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Find Ways to Increase Income and Decrease Expenses
  • Housing Search Assistance
  • Connections to Community and Government Resources
  • Small Business Plan Preparation
  • Personal Coach for Economic Independence
  • Bond with Each Other! And Strengthen Relationships
  • Stand Up for All People
  • Explore Pathways to Higher Education
  • Fight for Financial Freedom
  • Create Positive Community
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