CEF's First Safe Savings Program Starts!

We are now seven weeks in to the first ever CEF Safe Savings Program and are thrilled by the results.

We are working with a group of incredibly talented women to build their savings accounts up while they strive towards greater assets, stronger careers, and healthy transitions. Participants are saving towards investments such as a new apartment, a car, a computer, and CNA training, and some are just saving to save.

Our first week together was in July, and since then we have met weekly to set goals and work to reach them. Our savings circles curriculum has covered topics including budgeting, resume-building, interview skills, networking, job search, basic banking, responsible checking, and credit reports.

Over the remaining weeks of the training program, we will discuss healthy eating, smart shopping, housing resources, educational pathways, insurance options, and more. This pilot savings circle has been largely defined by the women who have gotten involved and started saving with CEF, and who have invested their knowledge and experience in creating a training program that will benefit future CEF Savers. We could not be more thankful for their participation.

We invite you to save with us! Email or call us to join the next CEF Savings Circle–in Chapel Hill or in Durham.

We also invite anyone from the community to come and participate in one of our weekly Savings Circle meetings to see just what it’s all about. Your presence will support CEF Savers as they continue to work hard to find employment, plan for the future, and create a stronger and more vital community.

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