Financial Independence Day: Right Around the Corner!

cef FI day

By: Madeline Ives, Advocate at CEF Chapel Hill

Join us this Saturday, June 28th at 3:30 at Hope Gardens (2200 Homestead) for CEF’s annual Financial Independence Day cookout!

As we near Fourth of July, we are forced to remember that while we all have our freedom, we are not necessarily free from all burdens that may hold us back. Poor personal finances is one of these burdens that many people in our community face, and one that we at CEF work to free our members from. The ultimate goal of being financially independent and fully self-reliant is one that can be hard to reach, but possible with dedication and the right team behind you.

This Saturday, we will be celebrating the progress our members have made toward personal financial stability at our annual Financial Independence Day cookout! This is a chance for us as a community to release our burdens and celebrate the relationships we have made and the steps we have taken to make a promising future for ourselves. We will have hotdogs and sides, games for all ages, a raffle, and more! Everyone is invited, so bring friends and family, and get ready to enjoy an afternoon in the sun surrounded by good people and good fun!


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