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Tommy and Rufus, two CEF Members, helping their fellow member move her furniture into her *new* apartment

When a CEF Member had to move out of her old apartment and into her new home last week, her fellow CEF Members were the first people there to offer a hand and help.

For all of us, the best part about being involved in CEF is the family. For Equashia’s big move, her CEF Advocate (the wonderful Kemper) recruited her college roommate to come and help, and Tommy and Rufus (see pictures!) helped Equashia move all her furniture and boxes in, and got it all done in just an afternoon. Thank you, Tommy, Rufus, Kemper and Sarah!

In gratitude, Equashia is organizing a clean-up day at Tommy’s this coming Saturday, March 10th. She is recruiting fellow members to come help Tommy clean up and settle in to his new place. If you are interested, please contact — Equashia and her fellow CEF Alumni would love to have your support.

Unloading the moving truck









Equashia (CEF Member), Kemper (her CEF Advocate), and Sarah (Kemper's roommate who came to help!)

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