Ten Reasons that I love CEF

(also, why you should become an advocate) 

1) The culture of shared learning – everyone is here to work together – not to work for each other.

2) The people, the people, the people – the supportive and loving team that makes CEF Happen.

3) The relationships I’ve made with students, members, and board members. Seriously, you guys are some of the best friends I could EVER ask for. (this is basically the same as number 2 but deserved at least two mentions)

4) Office Hours – As an advocate once said, “The CEF vibes are definitely real.” Being in the office makes my heart smile.

5) Commitment to trying new things and not saying “no.” This is perhaps what I admire most about CEF.

6) Opportunity Class Structure – the classes are taught by CEF Graduates – and who better to act as a mentor than someone who has been in your place before? I love this so, so much.

7) The lack of glorification and hierarchy within CEF’s organizational culture. Thanks guys, for letting me feel like I fit in and could be at home in the office even when I was a newbie.

8) Stories. Getting to hear people’s stories is the most humbling and transformative experience.

9) The Dedication of members to their goals and advocates to helping them reach their goals. I truly admire the drive and passion that everyone in CEF follows.

10) It’s a hands on, collaborative, people centered approach to helping people. What’s not to like?

*11 – when people bring food to the office it is pretty great too. ESPECIALLY pastries…

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