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#36 — Make a New Year’s Resolution that you can keep!

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In 2018, CEF has lots of resolutions: To invest in people and their potential. To fight alongside our Members to reach their goals, and against systems that bring us down. To ensure hundreds of our Members maintain stable housing. To be a place that people can belong, no matter what. To build pathways beyond jobs, and into careers. To support Members all along the bumpy road to achieving financial dreams. To spread love and togetherness through creativity and presence. To imagine (and enact) a better community future into being. To stick together.


#35 — O Romeo, Romeo! A Beautiful CEF “Tail”

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Romeo, Romeo! Ms. Laverne adores her Romeo.
She showers him daily with belly rubs and bacon bits. “If you rub his belly, he’ll go to sleep,” Ms. Laverne intimates.

And Romeo has stuck with Ms. Laverne through thick and thin, including the two years when they were sleeping in her car, and in and out of hotels or friends’ homes. “Romeo would let me sleep, and when I woke up, he’d sleep. We would both watch out for each other.”

The day they first saw their new home, Romeo raced up and down the long hallway with barks of approval.


#34 – “I only wanted to trade trees for keys”

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 “Six months ago, I was a person that lived in the trees. When (Hurricane) Matthew was running, and you were home safe, I was in the trees. Thinking about if they fell on me, would anyone find me? I was in the trees. I was in the trees because I could no longer afford housing in this city that I had lived for 6 years. I had an income. I was homeless, but not hopeless. I only wanted to trade trees for keys.”


#33 — Cameron and Gizmo are Home!

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This Issue:

Cameron and his rescue dog Gizmo are an inseparable pair.
 “I think he’s as happy as I am,” shares Cameron, now that the duo have a home of their own.

After staying outdoors, in abandoned buildings, and shelters for 2 years, Cameron obtained housing through a Permanent Supportive Housing program at the Inter-Faith Council (IFC). In an awesome collaborative effort, Cameron worked with CEF Advocates and Debra Vestal, IFC’s PSH Case Manager, to successfully find and move into housing.

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