Meet a CEF Saver: Robert

Robert will be moving out of the men’s shelter this month. While living in the shelter, he has been saving with CEF towards a security deposit for his new apartment and deposits for utilities. He is disabled and on a fixed income, and has taken the knowledge he gained from our financial education classes to find an affordable apartment that will allow him to continue to save for his future goals.

After he moves, Robert will be continuing to come to our weekly classes to stay connected to the support, resources, and community of the group. Robert has been homeless once before in his life, and when he talks about this move he says excitedly that he “is going to do it right this time. Make plans, keep saving, stay connected.” He is committed to saving monthly towards an emergency fund to make sure that life’s future obstacles don’t bring him back to the shelter.

Robert will be one of 10 pilot members in CEF’s Renter’s Savings Program. The program provides Savers like Robert the opportunity and incentive to save towards an emergency fund, matching savings up to $2,000 with a 50% matching contribution… resulting in an emergency fund of $3,000. Robert is also excited about the opportunities available through this new program to improve his credit score. He dreams of owning his own business and his own home, and knows this is the stepping-stone to those goals.

Help CEF launch this new program. Sponsor a Saver to donate the 50% matching contribution, directly matching the savings deposits of members like Robert.

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