Meet some of our Durham CEF members!

By: Lyndsey Fowler

Profiles of several of our Durham members!

Name: Jacqueline Bostick

Hometown:  Halifax County, Virginia.

Favorite Quote:  “Girl, Please,” she said as she giggled.

Interesting fact: “I’m the All-American Girl. I am capable of doing many things, I am positive and traveled; but I’m still just a plain Jane”.

Passions/Hobbies:  “I write short stories, plays, and skits. I’m also well-versed on the piano and with singing; artist of all sorts.”

Jackie is currently playing Angel, a mother of street children, in an upcoming play, “If the Drugs Don’t Kill You, the Streets Will.” She described the play as, “sophisticated, with a twist. Very hardcore.”

 “I’ve learned some good habits such as not using convenience ATMs, and the importance of saving. The people of CEF do have genuine concern about our welfare as far as our finances, job skills, etc. They have that drive and knowledge that inspires me to save more. “

 “I love the computer classes with Joe and TWB. I hate computers, I mean absolutely hate them, and if I don’t have to use them then I won’t. But through CEF, I’ve learned how to keep up with my email, surfing the web, and other simple things that are helpful and enjoyable to me. And the best thing about it is I get a laptop at the end. And if they let me keep coming, I plan on it!”


Name: Denise Mangum

Hometown: I am the fourth generation of Mangums to live in Durham, NC. My great-grandfather was a land owner and is displaying at the public library

Favorite Quote: My daddy used to say, “Gal, your eyes bigger than your belly huh gal.” He used to call us “gal”

Passions/Hobbies:  “My mom loved to sew and that’s something I’ve taken up. I can make almost anything, like patterns, selecting materials, and started out making dressed for my Barbie dolls! I used to sneak and use my mom’s single sewing machine and never stopped!”

“The jeopardy game with CEF was awesome. GO FOR THE BIG MONEY! ,” she said, “Learning about resumes was great as well. CEF is fun to be around, friendly, intelligent and good fellowship.”


Name:  Denise Dickenson, newly announced President of Dove House. “I feel that this is truly a privilege,” Denise says.

Hometown: Durham, NC

Favorite Quote: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

Interesting fact: “That girl can BURN in the kitchen!” – Vanessa Crockett, referencing Denise’s great skills in the kitchen.

Passions/Hobbies:  Denise wants to be the best grandmother possible to her new 6 -month grandchild, Aubrey.  She also enjoys reading, listening to music, and she says, “I’m funny too; I like to make people laugh.”

“I loved the jeopardy-millionaire game. Being involved with CEF through my safe savings account and the Opportunity Classes has helped me apply discipline in different areas of my life. Some of my favorite topics have been banking and staying on a budget.”


Name: Tanica Parker

Hometown: Durham, NC

Favorite Quote: “Worry about nothing, pray about everything.”

Interesting Fact: “I want to eventually open my own daycare, and I look forward to partnering with CEF to accomplish that.”

“I appreciate the togetherness of the opportunity sessions. I’ve learned financial skills that are already beneficial. The advocates are all so helpful and easy to talk to. ”


Name: Vanessa Crockett, Resident Manager

 Favorite Quote: “1. Believe you can and you’re half way there! 2. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m Possible!’  3. In a gentle way, you can shake the world!”

Interesting fact: “I want to explore the deepest depths of the ocean. I believe in other life forms!”

Passions/Hobbies: “I would love to travel the world and become famous for my photography. Start a community garden. Write a book or screenplay. In my leisure I read and listen to all genres of music.”

“CEF has enlightened me with the importance of money management. CEF provides their time and service with an infectious enthusiasm. Their tenacity is a force to be reckoned with!!! CEF’s service work has heightened my sense of hope and self-sufficiency.”

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