Why We're Saving

When CEF members applied to be a part of our first Renter’s Savings IDA Program, we asked members a couple questions about why they wanted to join the program.

Here’s why CEF members are saving in their Renter’s Savings account with CEF…

  • “So my kids don’t have to keep suffering.”
  • “To learn to help myself so that I can help my family.”
  • “Because it would give me incentive to save, and I’ve never saved, ever.”
  • “It would make me feel good because it would be available when a real need comes up.”
  • “Will help me build self-confidence and find stability.”
  • “I want to own my own home and need to have secure savings to do that.”
  • “This savings program will give me peace of mind.”
  • “Help”
  • “I would feel more secure to be financially independent.”
  • “Because instead of looking for money to fix things, if you have savings you already have funds in place.”
  • “To show me that even with the little money that I earn, I am still able to save.”

Through this program, we won’t just be partnering with members on their savings goals. We will also be focusing intentionally on their longer-term dreams for their households. When asked, “What are your goals for the next 3 years?” here’s what members are dreaming about…

  • “Purchase a home, build up savings, save in 401K, start building college savings for my four children, and getting healthy!”
  • “My own transportation and starting a business”
  • “Finishing school and paying off student loans”
  • “Build my income. My goal is to help others become stronger in their faith, to not give, and stay motivated.”
  • “I’m just taking it one day at a time. I am trained not to try to think that far ahead.”
  • “Getting my GED and saving for a car”
  • “Be in school and nearer to graduation”

Help us get there together. Sponsor a Saver to join together with one of our 10 pilot Savers, as they continue to invest in their own and their family’s futures.

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